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If you are in need of tax preparation or representation services on tax issues before the Internal Revenue Service, you have come to the right place.   I specialize in representing clients before the IRS and state taxing authorities.  With my wealth of experience working for the IRS up to my retirement, and working with IRS representing clients since the formation of Whitaker EA Tax Consulting, I have been able to help my clients get their lives back by negotiating a resolution of their complex tax issues.  These solutions may be in the forms of:
1.  Installment Agreements; 
2.  Designation of accounts as Currently Not Collectible; 
3.  Part Pay Installment Agreements; and/or 
4.  Offers in Compromise. 

I also represent clients who have received letters from IRS that:
1. assert penalties or unreported income;
2. propose Collection Enforcement actions such as liens or levies; and/or
3. inform clients that they are being audited either by correspondence or in person.

For a select number of clients, I prepare individual and small business tax returns.

In addition, I provide consulting or representation services to the clients of other tax professionals nationwide who recognize the wealth and value of my experience to their clients' needs.  
Thank you for visiting my website and giving Drake and I the chance to provide you professional services!
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